Finding, evaluating, selecting and securing the right site to place the solar power plant is a core strength of the Powerhouse team. Solar technology is very adaptable, but every PV system must have a suitable location to operate.

The site can make or break the PV system. Therefore, finding, evaluating, selecting and securing the right site is a key first step in developing a successful solar power plant. Whether it is a ground or roof site, it must meet all the criteria necessary to support the solar electricity generation performance of the power plant and meet the goals of the investor.

The site must have adequate solar insolation daily and seasonally. It must be available for lease or purchase at acceptable terms. The site must have access to the grid. It must be able to meet all of the applicable requirements of the authorities having jurisdiction. The characteristics of topography, soils, hydrology, vulnerability to natural or manmade hazards, and many more factors will impact energy yield and the cost of installation and operation over time.

Once a suitable site has been found, evaluated and selected, the rights to develop, build and operate the solar power plant over time must be secured through lease or purchase. Structuring, negotiating and closing site control milestones at appropriate stages in the development process must be integrated with regulatory approval, power sale/purchase, grid access, financing and more. This can be a complex process.

Powerhouse has extensive experience carefully considering all of the relevant criteria and effectively integrating site evaluation, selection and control into development of successful power plants.