Powerhouse leads the process of integrating the technology – the complete solar power system – that converts the sunlight to electricity and injects it into the grid.

The general definition of “technology” is “the practical use of science and engineering”. We use the word “technology” to sum up the solar power plant as a complete system, including all of the individual technology components integrated into the total solar power plant.

When people think of solar technology they often focus on the photovoltaic modules or one or more of the system’s key components, but experience shows that every component – even the seemingly least significant – can greatly impact the success of the solar power plant immediately and over its lifetime. And the way all of the components are engineered and integrated into a complete power plant, on a specific site, in a specific grid territory in a specific community and geographic region will make or break the solar power plant. A solar power plant is truly a case in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We have an attention for the details within a mindset of integrated systems thinking.

The Powerhouse team is experienced in the breadth and depth of solar power plant development and the comprehensive aspects of integrating all of the technology involved. We have led the structural process from the ground up – from soils testing, to foundation design and installation, to posts, racking, tilt, tables, rails, frames, module mounting and clamps, to torqueing and mechanical testing. We have led the electrical process from the sky down – from irradiation and shade analysis, to photovoltaic cells, modules, connectors, DC strings, combiners, cables, and inverters, to AC conductors, disconnects, load centers, to grounding, bonding, over-current protection and lightning protection, to transformers, switch gear, breakers and fuses, to metering, monitoring and grid connection. We have led the performance monitoring process from site to satellite – from meteological equipment and weather monitoring, performance monitoring, wireless phone and internet communications, to supervisory control and data acquisition at control centers. All of these technology considerations and many more must be carefully planned, designed and built into the solar power plant engineering, procurement, and construction process.

We represent the owner / investor in the selection, procurement and integration of technology as an integral part of the comprehensive solar development process.

Powerhouse is not tied to any particular technology manufacturer or distributor. The technology components must be top-tier and those who engineer, procure and construct them into the complete solar power plant as part of the Powerhouse team must be among those with the highest standards, qualifications and reputation in the industry.