Tracking arrays - 800 kWp - warren county, Tn usa

The PV arrays in Warren County owned by Apex Construction Services and its financial partners consist of four 200-kilowatt dual-axis tracking arrays with a total peak capacity of 800 kilowatts. The arrays are located near McMinnville, Tennessee and were connected to the grid and began production on April 14, 2012.  Each array contains 28 Deger Energie 6000 NT dual-axis trackers, each mounted with 30 235-Watt Poly-Silicon Modules. The Deger trackers are equipped with “MLD” Maximum Light Detection sensors that keep the PV modules facing the brightest part of the sky at all times, thus maximizing energy yield. Over time, the Deger MLD tracking system is projected to increase yield as much as 45 percent over fixed installations. Each of the 112 trackers utilizes a Fronius IG Plus inverter - one inverter mounted on the pole of each tracker. The generated electricity is contracted to the Tennessee Valley Authority and its distributor utility, the Caney Fork Electric Cooperative through the TVA Generation Partners program.

Powerhouse in cooperation with Vis Solis, Inc. planned the project, including site analysis and tracker layout for each of the arrays. Financial modeling and selection of trackers and inverters was perfomerd by Vis Solis. Powerhouse worked with Caney Fork Electric Cooperative for its approval of the project for the TVA Generation Partners program and interconnection, and assisted Apex Construction and its financial partners in obtaining bank financing for the project. Installation was performed by Apex Construciton and its subcontractor team.