Carefully planning and diligently executing the regulatory approval and compliance process is a core strength of the Powerhouse team.

Securing all of the regulatory approvals, permits, licenses and sign-offs required to build and operate a PV power plant can be a complex and time-consuming process.

It takes patience and persistence, firmness and flexibility, technical know-how and people skills, involvement of the community and positive engagement with stakeholders and regulators.

The Powerhouse team has two decades of experience successfully bringing projects through the solar power plant approval process at all jurisdictional levels - local, regional, state/provincial, and national - and across all sectors - land use, zoning, environmental, land transfer, energy sales, access to electrical distribution and transmission systems, importation, building codes, electrical codes, fire codes, business licensing, native and indigenous peoples interests, local government endorsement, qualification for feed-in-tariffs, qualification for tax exemptions and incentives, compliance with occupational, safety and health codes, and more.

Powerhouse builds meaningful and lasting relationships with the community hosting the solar power plant and with all of the various stakeholders and agencies involved. We don't cut corners and we work respectfully with everyone. This proves to be the fastest and most cost-effective way to gain the approvals needed. The Powerhouse process proves effective at not just getting through the regulatory process, but gaining supporters and allies along the way. This leads to more certainty for investors and strengthens the financial due diligence process.

A successful solar plant is a long-term performing asset. Beyond successfully opening the door for legal installation and start-up, Powerhouse builds a foundation of community appreciation and ongoing support for the solar power plant. We strive to conduct the approval process in such a way that the solar plant, its owners and management team become welcomed members of the community and are positioned to enjoy positive ongoing relationships with leaders, regulators and stakeholders long after the plant is initially built and commissioned.